Dave “Dr. Dave” Gross is originally from Wabash, where he got his first paying radio job in 1968 at the age of 13.  We don’t know for sure, it’s been rumored that he has been in radio so long, that Marconi was in high school back then.  For those of you too young to remember, in those days telephones were two tin cans hooked together with a piece of string.

By the time he was 19 he was working full time on the air at WNDE and Q 95 in Indianapolis.

He continued to work in Indianapolis radio throughout the remainder of his teens and early twenties, using it to pay his way through college and later Medical School at Indiana University.

With two years left to finish in medical school, he decided he didn’t want to be “married to a beeper”, and made radio a career instead of a hobby.

He left Indianapolis for larger radio markets, and several years later became ranked among the “Top 10” disc jockeys in the country (a distinction he held for several consecutive years).

After being away from Indiana for 20 years, he returned “to his roots” in Northeast Indiana, moving to Fort Wayne from Southern California in 1992.

He recently started his own business (Collision Control Communications, Inc.) to launch a product he patented for emergency vehicles.  In 1999, he married his college sweetheart, Pat, who is also from Wabash.  In their free time, Doc and Pat like playing with their beagle, Snoopy, and golden retriever, Lucy.  Doc also likes taking Snoopy for rides with the top down, playing basketball and softball, DJ’ing parties and weddings, donating his time to emcee charity events, and traveling for his business to demonstrate his product called the “Eliminator”.

He fills in on airshifts on Fun 101, usually for Captain Chris, and does “remote broadcasts” with the weenie wagon from time to time, where he always enjoys meeting listeners face to face (we think he just likes the free hot dogs).