Jon Scott

Jon Scott, a graduate of North Side High School, got bitten by the radio bug during his Freshman year while helping another local radio personality deejay dances at North Side.

After graduation, he spent several years in the audio/visual business before landing his first gig at MAJIC 95.1 in 1987.  Jon bounced around a couple of Fort Wayne stations before landing a job in the Chicago market at WBUS-FM.  He later went on to become the Operations Manager for a group of stations in the south suburban Chicago market before accepting a position as a Deputy Sheriff.

Although he worked in law enforcement, he never gave up his passion for radio and continued to work part-time for NRG Media.  Hurt on the job in 2009, Jon underwent more than 20 surgeries and eventually had to retire in 2013.

He came back to Fort Wayne and was welcomed back to Sarkes Tarzian.  Jon mostly works behind the scenes but fills in during vacations or when needed.

Jon says, “I enjoy most genres but I really enjoy soft rock.  There’s nothing wrong with Air Supply.”

His favorite food is pizza but has been known to gobble down a juicy steak, some Mexican food, and General Tso chicken from time to time.  He enjoys watching comedies, movies or TV shows.  He’s also been known to really like romantic comedies and hopes that doesn’t lose him his man card.

Jon adds, “I love to laugh.  People always seem to think I’m mad because of my deeper voice and direct approach.  Some of that, I guess is because of my time in law enforcement.  My brother summed it up for me saying, ‘it can be the most serious event and you’ll say something incredibly stupid just to make people laugh and forget things for a minute, that’s what I love about you’.  I truly do believe that laughter is the best medicine”.