A 28 year broadcast veteran, Jim Reed, a.k.a. Greek Daddy, has known since childhood that he was “meant” to be a broadcaster. In high school, when most of us were working part time jobs at grocery stores or fast food restaurants, going to Friday night football games and winter school dances, Jim was already working as a DJ. That work ethic carried over into adulthood, where Jim is recognized as a detail-oriented (witness his sports reports), conscientious employee, spending about 4-5 hours at work so he can race home to prepare for the next day’s show. Do you think a numb cheek, a scratched cornea or a kidney ache would keep him down? Not a chance! He’s at work, even when most of us would choose to call in sick! An unlikely fan of Britney Spears and TiVo, Jim values the quality time many of us take for granted. Late nights, sitting in front of the TV watching CNBC or trying to read between the lines of the scrambled pay channels. Words often used to describe Jim: Humble, Modest, Agreeable, and… wait a minute… those were used to describe Captain Chris. Words often used to describe JIM: Chauvinistic, Egotistical, Loud Mouth. But don’t let that fool you! As he tells me every day, he is extremely humble. And don’t forget courageous, tackling such hot community topics as the smoking ban and the downtown baseball stadium without any regard to his reputation! He’s also very generous. He admits that he’s glad he let me use his coattails to ride to the top of the radio business! So I thank you Jim. I thank you for your guidance, your input and for being such a pillar of the community. – by Carrie “Bud” Wellman

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