Fort Wayne’s longest-running morning show: Jim and Carrie on Fun 101.7!

Hannah Harris, the women who was inside the Kokomo Starbucks as a Tornado knocked it over got the chance to share her story with Jim and Carrie.


Founding member of Survivor and The Ides of March, Jim Peterick, joined Jim and Carrie with an amazing story about how Sly Stallone left a message on his answering machine that led to “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky 3 and why he wrote “Vehicle” while in High School!  Check it out below!


How would you like to see chicken coups popping-up in your neighborhood?  Right now it’s illegal in Fort Wayne City Limits, but a local group is working to change that…


Jim Reed


Jim Reed has been co-host of the Jim and Carrie Morning Show since 1996, making it the longest running local Morning Show in Fort Wayne.  Jim was born and raised in the Summit City and started his broadcasting career at the age of 16.  It would have been sooner because he passed a test that awarded him an FCC Radio Broadcast License at the age of 11, but it was difficult convincing station program directors to hire an 11 year old.

Jim has worked at most stations in Fort Wayne in the 80’s and early 90’s, along with brief stops to host a morning show in Columbia, South Carolina and Tucson, Arizona (all for less than a year) before finally coming back and finding a permanent home at FUN 101.7.  In fact, Jim and Carrie also used to work together back in the 80’s at another local station.

Jim is also best known for “Running the City til the City Opens” (with some help from Carrie) and has also created a list of the Most Powerful People in Fort Wayne, to which he is #2.  ( A fitting number for sure.)

When not on the air, Jim likes to sit at home in his white, Cheeto stained T-shirt and fall asleep while watching the Weather Channel.  He is also planning a mid-life crisis next summer.

Carrie Bud