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Fort Wayne’s Addison Agen from The Voice, called into Jim and Carrie this morning to recap last night’s performance.


What is the number one thing people complain about when eating out?


Here’s a behind the scenes look at Elmhurst High School as it stands today before demolition begins.


If you’ve ever worked in Food Service, what’s the biggest/best Tip you ever received?


Is Facebook listening to what you say through your cell phone? One couple tried an experiment and they say YES!


Addison Agen, the 16 year old contestant on The Voice, who lives here in Fort Wayne, Called into the Jim and Carrie show w/an update on how things are going.


Some spooky stories surround Lincoln Tower, we thought it was just an Urban Legend. But no…


Men can not handle it when wives make more then they do…spells trouble.


Fort Wayne made another Top 10 list, and this time it’s good!


Jim and Carrie spoke with Steven Howard of the Mersey Beatles who will be in town October 14th.


Addison Agen Ft. Wayne’s contestant on the hit NBC show “The Voice” stopped by to visit with Jim and Carrie.