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Record Store Day is coming up this Saturday and Bob from Wooden Nickel Records was on this morning with a rundown of everything going on.

If you use a plastic straw when you go out to eat, we hope you’re finally happy.

Did you know that people go Mushroom Hunting?  There’s a good reason!

With Tax Day upon us, Rich Appreciation Day was back to thank those who pay the most in taxes each year.

Did you hear about the worlds oldest Lingerie Model at 83? Ohhh Yeahhhh!!

Ruth Crists hasn’t even opened yet and already Jim has created controversy.

Apparently Millennials are now sleeping without using Top Sheets.  Some don’t even bother with the fitted sheets. Yes, this is a thing!

Why are more and more people are reverting back to using the old fashioned Flip phones?

As Fort Wayne’s “NO STRAWS” campaign gets underway, Jim has an idea on what to do if you see people using those dreadful plastic straws in a restaurant.

Do Fort Wayne drivers go too slow in the left hand lane?  Indiana has a law for this.

Fort Wayne’s Christina Danielle called into the Jim and Carrie show from NBC’s Hit Show The Voice in Los Angeles, with an update on what’s coming up next.

We had another $500 winner on Jim and Carrie’s 5 For $500! Listen to the questions here.

People are upset that Newschannel 15 was covering the arrival of Stormy Daniels to the Summit City. Is that fair?

Listen to the Question that won Dave $500 this morning on Jim and Carrie’s 5 for $500!!

The Northrop High School Wall of Fame.  What in the world do you have to do to get on it?

Another great story about Fort Wayne this morning, we have the lowest cost of living in America!  Listen to what an 1800 sq ft house costs in California.

Jim and Carrie we’re talking about This Day in Fort Wayne History when President Reagan visited during the Flood of ’82 and how young people literally saved the city.

Every year City Councilman Tom Diddier’s daughters boyfriend and Jim try to fill out their brackets.

The new season of NBC’s hit show “The Voice” is underway.  And another Fort Wayne contestant that made it on the show, Christiana Danielle, stopped by to talk to Jim and Carrie this Morning.

With the story of HUD Secretary Ben Carson sending back a $31,000 dining room set, Jim thinks it was excessive- but not that excessive!

Indiana ranks 48th out of 50 states for Quality of Life.  Jim thinks the other cities in the state are depending too much on Fort Wayne.

The list of the Wealthiest Zip Codes in NE Indiana is out, Jim and Carrie couldn’t believe what #3 was!

Jim and Carrie unveil the special “code words” you need to know when describing at pothole to the 311 call center.

Jim and Carrie were playing with their new Echo Dot on the Air.

Did you know you can Curl here in Fort Wayne?  Members of the USA Olympic Curling Team have curled with the Fort Wayne Curling Club!

Valentine’s Day gone wrong?  Jim and Carrie give you “Second Chance” at Romance this week.

Jim and Carrie’s 40th Anniversary of the Blizzard of ’78 show included a great story from Kent Hormann who was trapped inside the new WFFT-TV Studios.

Jim and Carrie’s 40th Anniversary of the Blizzard of ’78 Show featured a call from the WANE-TV Weatherman who was on that night, Paul Bayrs.

People at the FW GM Assembly Plant should be proud of the all new Silverado that is built right here!  Jim and Carrie talked to High Milne from Chevrolet for a preview at this weeks North American Auto Show in Detroit.

Tin Caps President Mike Nutter called Jim and Carrie to talk about Parkview Field winning the best stadium award again this year!

Fort Wayne’s Addison Agen stopped by the Jim and Carrie in the Morning show with a recap of The Voice Finale.

IPFW Coach Jon Coffman calls into the Jim and Carrie following the IPFW victory over IU.

University of St. Francis coach Kevin Donley joins Jim and Carrie following his 2nd NAIA National Championship Football win in a row!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Elmhurst High School as it stands today before demolition begins.