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Jim and Carrie celebrated FUN 1017 day (10/17) by talking about how Carrie got married this day 20 years and playing her proposal from 1997.

No stall doors in High School Bathrooms and other things that messed you up!

For National Pet Peeve Week, Jim and Carrie gave listeners 10 seconds to say what honks them off!

Carrie digs out Jim’s Malady list from 17 years ago after hearing about how just talking about not feeling well makes you feel even worse!

Cheese Pizza with Candy Corn Sprinkles for Halloween?  Before you gag, listen to the taste test!

How long did it take people to start asking to help after they discovered you had a Pick-up Truck?

TV Antennas are soaring in popularity again after all these years!

Bruce Hall from REO Speedwagon calls Jim and Carrie today to talk about their upcoming show in Fort Wayne.

Kids are trying to get out of giving oral presentations in class because it causes too much Anxiety.

The Memorial Coliseum’s Randy Brown talks to Jim and Carrie about how Ft. Wayne got the Paul McCartney Show and about Tickets.

Jim and Carrie talk with Journey’s Steve Perry!

To celebrate the start of the Football season, Jim and Carrie were looking for Ft. Wayne’s biggest Football Fanatics.

Former Cosby Show star’s “Job Shaming” backfires!

Jim goes through Carrie’s purse on the air…because he cares!

Who drives the farthest to get to work every morning?

Do you go out to eat? You better know about the “Tip the Bill Challenge”!

Jim and  Carrie were joined by Fort Wayne’s “The Voice” finalist Christiana Danielle to talk about her upcoming concert at the Clyde

Trying to help the situation, Jim and Carrie are now the back-up Radio system for the Red River Garbage Trucks.  What could go wrong?

Instead of complaining about parking going up at the Memorial Coliseum, what do you think is a “Fair” price to pay?

Who are Fort Wayne’s Biggest Employers?

Does anyone “Set The Table” before dinner anymore?

Music at weddings is changing.  Here is a list of the songs that couples want banned from their wedding receptions.

Jim and Carrie were talking about biggest job screw-ups that did NOT get you fired.

Winning!  Fort Wayne scores near the top of another quality survey.  Which one is it this time?

Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad tells Jim and Carrie about how the song “We’re An American Band” came about.

Yes, people actually take baths in the lake water at area lakes.  And, there is a special soap you have to use when you do!

Since when is earning $117K qualify you for low income housing in the US?

Nicole Kidman says that in 12 years of Marriage has never texted Keith Urban. How is this possible?

Jim and Carrie were talking about some of the Weird Laws on the books in the state of Indiana, like not being to sell a car on Sunday.

Wayne Nelson from the Little River Band joined Jim and Carrie to talk about their upcoming concert at the Follinger.

When your kids want to spend a fortune on a degree that won’t pay off, when it time to shatter their dreams?

Now Semi Trucks are terrorizing the residents of Till Road.

Did you ever have a similar phone number to that of a busy retailer or utility?  Apparently lots of people have and wanted to tell Jim and Carrie about it.

Jonathan Cain from Journey has a new book out.  He called in to talk about the band with Jim and Carrie.

So, what’s the protocol when lining-up for the self checkout machines in the Grocery store?

Jim and Carrie were talking about Summer Jobs

Seems like every Holiday, there are trash pick-up issues in Fort Wayne

Jim and Carrie had a call from WANE-TV’s new evening Anchor, Terra Brantley.

Jim and Carrie welcomed Christina Danielle back to Fort Wayne after her Top 10 performance on NBC’s The Voice.  She Stopped by to talk about the adventure and what’s next for her.

So what word do you hear in this piece of audio, Laurel or Yanny?  Jim and Carrie tried it out to see what happens.

What do you think is THE most visited attraction in Northeast Indiana?  And, no, it’s NOT the Zoo! Listen to the Top 10 places.

DuPont Road’s most popular resident, Graham Wellington, returned just in time to review the new Ruth Chris’s Steak House.

Another $500 Winner on Jim and Carrie’s 5 for $500 this morning. See if you know the answers to these five trivia questions?

The residents of one Northwest Side Neighborhood are begging the City of Fort Wayne to Annex them ASAP. Why?

Looks like a lot of people are not following the correct Detour when trying to get around Dupont Road.  So, instead of using Wallen Road as ordered, they are now terrorizing the residents of Till Road, which is a “baby” street.  Jim tries to help.

Fort Wayne “The Voice” contestant this season, Christiana Danielle, called in to Jim and Carrie Friday with an update on how things are going.

The news just keeps getting worse for those poor, poor people living in the North Anthony Blvd. Corridor.

Record Store Day is coming up this Saturday and Bob from Wooden Nickel Records was on this morning with a rundown of everything going on.

If you use a plastic straw when you go out to eat, we hope you’re finally happy.

With Tax Day upon us, Rich Appreciation Day was back to thank those who pay the most in taxes each year.

Ruth Crists hasn’t even opened yet and already Jim has created controversy.

Apparently Millennials are now sleeping without using Top Sheets.  Some don’t even bother with the fitted sheets. Yes, this is a thing!

The Northrop High School Wall of Fame.  What in the world do you have to do to get on it?

Jim and Carrie we’re talking about This Day in Fort Wayne History when President Reagan visited during the Flood of ’82 and how young people literally saved the city.

Indiana ranks 48th out of 50 states for Quality of Life.  Jim thinks the other cities in the state are depending too much on Fort Wayne.

Jim and Carrie’s 40th Anniversary of the Blizzard of ’78 Show featured a call from the WANE-TV Weatherman who was on that night, Paul Bayrs.

Fort Wayne’s Addison Agen stopped by the Jim and Carrie in the Morning show with a recap of The Voice Finale.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Elmhurst High School as it stands today before demolition begins.