A lifelong resident of Fort Wayne, Carrie Wellman is the glue that holds “The Jim and Carrie in the Morning Show” together! Even though Carrie has been on the air in Fort Wayne since the mid-1980’s, she was also a hostess at the now defunct “Heritage House”, where she made bread pudding every morning. Carrie also worked with Jim in the late 1980’s when they (along with several of their co-workers) would frequent the Bandido’s on Winchester Road on Margarita night, dreaming of one day being good enough to do a morning show. Jim and Carrie are now living that dream. In fact, the fateful moment came in 1996 when they were paired-up for a new morning show on WLDE. Carrie does the news and enjoys learning new and exciting things from Jim everyday. Carrie has become so good at her craft, that two years ago, station management gave Carrie her very own show! Listeners all over Northeast Indiana can’t wait for the next installment of “The Carrie Bud Wellman Experience” because it’s radio like no one has ever heard before. She has transformed the 10am-noon hours into a no-holds barred, rambunctious, riveting part of the broadcast day. Carrie is grateful to the listeners, and especially to Jim, for allowing her to quickly become the most popular female radio personality in the city. When asked what she thought of her new found fame, modest Wellman simply said, “Wow, I could never achieved half of what I’ve done without Jim Reed’s help. People really misjudge him. He really is a nice guy and very easy to work with. No, really, I am not kidding…” When not on the air Carrie enjoys watching Oprah and releasing spiders into the wild that she captured in her house. She also has a medical condition that won’t allow her to burp. She sometimes smells good. – by Jim Reed

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