5 For $500

You can win up to $500 cash!  Play 5 For $500 with Jim & Carrie in the Morning, on FUN 101.7!  To win $500, you must answer 5 multiple choice questions!

Contestants will have 5 seconds to answer each multiple choice question.  You have to complete the first 4 questions worth $25 each, to win any cash, and have a chance to go for $500.

If you get any of the first 4 questions wrong, the game is over.  If you get all 4 questions right, you can stop and walk away with $100 -or- you can risk everything and answer the 5th question worth $400 to win a total of $500!

If you are wrong on the 5th question, you lose everything.  But if you are right, you win everything!  A total of $500 cash!

It happens weekdays at 8:20am with Jim & Carrie in the Morning.  Listen to FUN 101.7 to play!

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